Everyone can be exceptional at Belding Area Schools. Our guiding mission is to prepare students for the ever-changing world that awaits them. Rigor, relevance, relationships and high expectations are embedded in our academic framework. We are proud of our students’ achievement and the instructional services provided by our professional and support staff.
Children are not mere numbers in Belding. Our district is just the “right size” to maximize offerings, student performance and opportunities for participation. Belding Area Schools is committed to systemic school reform and a continuous cycle of improvement as witnessed by our participation in the North Central District Accreditation process. All core curriculum is aligned with appropriate State of Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations (K-8) or High School Content Expectations (9-12). Common assessments aligned with state expectations are utilized to guide instruction and monitor student learning. We constantly scrutinize what we want our students to know (curriculum), how we teach our students (instruction) and how we know what our students are learning (assessment). For this reason, standardized test scores (MSTEP, WIDA) have improved annually. In recent years, Belding Area Schools has realigned elementary buildings to maximize instruction and resources in an early childhood building and an upper elementary building where teachers can work in professional learning groups to best serve student needs. Grade levels, departments and K-12 curriculum groups meet to ensure that instruction is aligned vertically and horizontally across the district.

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