We have had an amazing first week here at Belding Area Schools!  Your kids are amazing!  I have been working for the district for two months without any students in our buildings and it was great to see our buildings come alive with all of your children.


I have attached a link below to our 2016 spring M-Step scores.  Belding raised scores in 10 of the 16 categories.  Our middle school, which was named a priority school three years ago, has made fantastic growth.  The middle school has outpaced almost every school in the state that was put on priority status.


Test scores are often misconstrued by the press.  Often times, test scores from districts are compared to test scores from other districts.  Research shows that this is ONLY fair when you compare districts that are similar in their social economic factors.  So, I took the 73 school districts most like Belding and compared our M-Step scores to these other 73 districts.  Belding scores in or near the top 10% in ALL of our scores!!  I wish the media and press would publish these things.  We still have room to grow and will continue to challenge our students, but I want you to know that great things are happening with teaching and learning here at Belding.  This will only continue with a great teacher, student and parent relationship.  Thanks for all you do to support our schools.


We have started something here in Belding with our staff called Friday 5.  I would like to invite all of you to participate in our Friday 5Friday 5 is a thing we do each and every Friday in Belding (Thursday this week).  Each staff member is asked to send out five positive messages to staff, parents, students, friends or family members.  We often get busy during the week and we take for granted the many great people around us that have a positive impact on our lives.  Please take some time today and on future Fridays to share a positive email, thought, letter, or text with someone in your life or in your children’s lives.  It does have a very positive impact!


One Friday 5 you could consider is nominating a classroom for Fox 17’s Classroom of the Week, or for WGVU’s Cool Teacher award.  I’ve included links below.


Belding Area Schools is a GREAT place to be.  We have great staff, parents, students and community members.  I hope all of you have a relaxing and fun Labor Day Weekend.  I hope to see some of you at tonight’s game and at the Labor Day festivities.  I will be in the dunk tank at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday.










Brent R. Noskey | Superintendent
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Distirct Office: 850 Hall Street, Belding MI 48809