We are getting closer and closer to a new mascot and identity for Belding Area Schools!  Yesterday, I met with our student mascot committee, community representatives, and invited members of the media as well.  Our meeting was thoughtful, productive, and refreshing.  As I have said before, you should be very proud of the students representing our school.  Not only were they willing to express their opinions and ideas, they were willing to listen to others and consider the impacts and perceptions of everyone at the table.

The result of the meeting is that we have narrowed down to three options:  Belding Bruins, Belding Black Knights, and Belding Bengals.

As a result of our discussion with the students and community members, the final vote will be open to all students (K-12), all community members, and all Belding alumni.  We believe that it is important to consider those who have come before us, those who support us personally and financially, and those who will continue to be proud advocates for our school in the future.  Our school and community will always be linked – including all stakeholders in this final vote reaffirms our commitment to strengthening that bond.

I was proud to welcome members of the media into our committee meeting because I believe they are a key ally in reporting the positive things going on in our community.  I also believe that transparency is important in this process.  As it will be reported, we did work together as a group to make the decision to eliminate two mascots options that were under consideration:  Black Hawks and Pride.  Due to the potential negative, damaging, or hurtful connotations of those names, the group felt it would not be prudent to continue down a path from which we have worked so hard to distance ourselves.

The survey linked below includes the three options as well as sample artwork.  I want to stress that none of these pieces of sample artwork will be the final design.  The images provided are merely examples of how other groups, schools, universities, and teams have branded their organizations in the past.  The images are trademarked and are only used as samples.  I’m certain you can find other samples online that may pique your interest as well.  The images on the survey have been re-colored to provide an illustration that best fits our school.  Once we have made the final decision on a mascot name, we will work with artists both locally and nationally to determine the exact logos, colors, fonts, and branding elements that will be used for Belding Area Schools.

The survey is now open!  Please vote, share, and encourage others to do the same.  Building administrators will work with teachers to determine the best time and place for students to vote en masse.  The survey will remain open until next Thursday, February 16, at 11:59pm.  I look forward to sharing the results and moving forward in our process.




Thank you all again for your interest and involvement in the process.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through the information below.


Have a great weekend,



Michael Ostrander | High School Principal
Office: 616.794.4955 | Email: ostrandm@bas-k12.org

Belding High School, 850 Hall Street, Belding MI 48809