Holt Mathematics online resources!

The online textbook brings the entire text to any internet-connected computer. Every page and every word of the print book is available online in an easy-to-navigate format—but bringing you the book is just the beginning.

Complementing the book pages are online tutorial videos. Holt authors carefully explain every example in every lesson, bringing both clarity and humor to the math learning experience. Links to the videos are right next to the examples they explain.

Holt’s online resources not only explain the math, but involve the students. Holt interactives provide opportunities to explore, review and practice skills that lead to mathematical success.

Looking for even more practice? Holt provides an online interactive practice quiz with each lesson to give students a quick read on their skills. Of course, Holt provides guidance for addressing any weak areas. Holt’s online textbook also includes printable practice problems, problem-solving exercises and notebook pages, along with interactive practice.

Having trouble with math vocabulary? Holt’s online multilingual glossary offers definitions, examples and even audio pronunciation of vocabulary words in English and in twelve additional languages.

Holt also includes learning tools, such as calculators (graphing, scientific, and statistical) algebra tiles and fraction bars for use in the classroom and at home.

Student’s access all of these resources at Holt’s online book site using an ID and password provided by their teacher. Parents can visit the web site at http://go.hrw.com (no password needed) click on Mathematics, then click on the level and then on the book title your child is using. From the list click Parent Resources. Here you will find section overviews that illustrate & explain the math concepts your child is learning.