During your child’s junior and senior year they will have several opportunities to speak with a college representative. During the fall several colleges visit the high school to give students information on their college. Students are also allowed to take a college visit during their junior and senior year.

To visit a representative at school the student must sign-up in the guidance office. Students are allowed three in-house and three on-campus visits each year (junior and senior). To make an on-campus visit a student must first speak to their guidance counselor and follow the following guidelines:

  • Need to give at least a two-week notice to the guidance office.
  • Call the college or visit their web sight to schedule a visit.
  • Parents need to call the attendance secretary at 794-4979 the day of the visit to excuse the absence.
  • Return a signed letter on university/college stationary as proof of the visit.
  • Students are responsible for the classroom work the day of their absence.