Encore classes are a very important part of our program at BMS. In fact, our encore classes help students meet requirements for high school graduation. For example, the state of Michigan requires all students to have an “online experience” while they are in school. This can come in middle school or high school, but it is required. All students who have a computer class will get this experience, which may excuse them from certain classes at the high school. Additionally, all 8th grade students will receive one year of Spanish and receive high school credit if the course requirements for credit are met.

The State also requires students to prepare an Educational Develop Plan (EDP). Career Cruising, a web based program, is used in computer applications to explore post high school career and schooling options and to create EDPs. Encore classes also use Career Cruising to teach students about careers and Career Pathways that match their area of expertise. For example, in health class students learn about careers in the Health and Human service pathway; in Spanish they learn about careers in Human Services; in art they learn about Arts and Communication.

As a rule we try to schedule each student in computer applications and health. (Students who are in band will be less likely to have these classes, especially if they are also in choir or guitar class.) If students do not have computer applications, they will prepare their EDP in the spring so it is ready for high school.

We are fortunate to have such an extensive variety of encore classes at BMS to enrich each child’s educational experience.