Dear Parents,

It is never too soon to look ahead to high school graduation requirements. Until recently, the only state requirement was a .5 credit in civics. As you can see by the chart below, the state now requires 16 credits. These credits could be acquired through subject and integrated (mixed subject) classes, as well as, career and technical education programs. Credits obtained prior to high school will also count. Middle school students who successfully complete algebra and the final exam in the eighth grade will earn one of these high school credits.

Required credits include:

4 Credits Mathematics including Algebra I; Geometry, Algebra II; including one credit in senior year
4 Credits English Language Arts aligned with subject area content expectations developed by MDE
3 Credits Science including Biology; Physics or Chemistry; one additional science credit
3 Credits Social studies including .5 credit in Civics; .5 credit in Economics; U.S. History and Geography; World History and Geography
1 Credit Physical Education/Health credit guidelines to be developed by MDE
1 Credit Visual, Performing, Applied Arts credit guidelines to be developed by MDE

In addition to the credits outlined above, students must take an online course or learning experience; or have the online learning experience incorporated into each of the required credits of the Michigan Merit Curriculum. Beginning with the Class of 2016 (third graders in Fall 2006), students will need to complete two credits of a world language in grades 9-12; or have an equivalent learning experience in grades K-12. Belding Middle School students currently earn their online experience in our encore classes if they have computer applications, video productions, web design or multimedia productions.