Dear Parents:

Welcome to another year of Belding Golf. If you are reading this letter it is because your son has some interest in representing Belding Public Schools through participation in the sport of golf. We, as a coaching staff, are looking forward to working with your son, helping him to develop his playing skills in the arena of competition. However, your son is not the only member of the golf team. You, as a parent, are part of the team and play a very significant role in your son’s golf experience with Belding Public Schools. In fact, in many ways he will not succeed unless you provide the necessary support. We have developed a list of support items for you, so that you will be aware of what you need to do with/for your son in order to help him be a successful Belding golfer.

1. A sports physical, which is required before your son can participate in any team functions including practices.

2. Proper clothing and equipment.

      a. Golf shoes (recommended over tennis shoes to prevent slipping)
      b. Khaki or Black, pants or shorts, for matches (the team will look like a team
      c. Team shirt (we will advise on the cost and kind)
      d. Golf clubs (we will recommend on request)

3. Transportation

      a. Your son will need transportation to and from practice.
      b. Your son will need to be picked up after practice and matches.

4. Please try and schedule appointments that do not conflict with practices or matches. It is a good possibility that your son will be qualifying for one of the six playing positions on a weekly basis. If he misses the opportunity to qualify, he may miss the chance to play in a match.

Thank you for the efforts you make on your sons behalf. We are looking forward to a great season. If you have any questions please call one of us.

Doug Anderson, Head Coach 616-794-1860