While all members of the boy’s golf team are subject to the High School Athletic Handbook rules, we as coaches have a few extra guidelines we operate by, which you need to be aware of:

1. After try-outs, players will be assigned a playing number from 1 through 6 – based on their scoring average. All other players will be assigned number 7. The 1-6 players will represent their team, in that order, for the upcoming week.
NOTE: Coaching staff may substitute players in non-league matches in an effort to see how a player performs under tournament conditions.

2. After the second week of the season, the line-up will be based on the players overall practice, match average and coaches evaluation.

3. Players may move up (or down) in the line-up based on another player’s “challenge”. A player may “challenge” once per week. You may only challenge the player one spot above.
NOTE: All challenges will be determined by course availability, schedule, and the coach’s discretion. It is possible that some weeks may not allow the opportunity to “challenge”.

4. A player can only move one place per week. The challenge nearer the top takes precedence. For example, if player 2 challenges player 1 and player 3 challenges player 2, and the scores were; player 1 – 40, player 2 – 39, and player 3 – 37. Player 2 would move up and play 1, player 1 would drop to position 2 and 3 would not move up even though he had the lowest score. This protects the player that has earned the better average to secure a spot nearer the top. If the above scenario happens consistently, “challenges” will be limited to odd numbers one week and even numbers the next.

5. Any player may drop to position 7 during the course of the season if he is disqualified from an event for un-sportsmanlike behavior, which includes things like swearing, club throwing, etc. Inappropriate behavior on or off the course at any time, or any other school discipline issue may also result in a position change for the player. Violations of any kind will result in a minimum of a one week suspension of play. A second violation of this rule may result in dismissal from the team.

6. Players are strongly encouraged to participate in the following:

      a. Junior tournaments hosted by golf equipment manufactures and other sponsors. Coaches will be checking with the local tournaments for player participation. If you compete please make a copy of your scorecard before you turn it in so that you can turn one in to your coach.
      b. Completion of the short game practice sheet.
      c. At least 36 holes of open play per week.
      d. Sign up for a driving range membership at Candlestone.


      Single range membership= check with pro shop
      Two person sign up= check with pro shop


7. All players need to remember that they should use the summer to prepare themselves to play in competition. The short practice time before the regular season is not enough time to prepare.