Welcome to Belding Competitive Cheer!

“Never me, always we”

The Belding Competitive Cheer teams are excited to show their flipping and flying skills during the winter sports season.

Varsity: Stacy Venneman
Junior Varsity: Rachelle Ostrander


2015 –   Conference – 4th Place
Districts – 5th Place

Competitive Cheer

Competitive Cheer is a sport in which teams are judged by a panel of three judges on three different original competition rounds. In the first round cheerleaders show their jumping skills and their ability to choreograph different motions. The second round is all about precision, tumbling, jumping and flexibility. Make sure you stay around for the third round when stunting and tumbling combine for a fabulous show.

There have been competitive teams at Belding since the mid 1990s. In 2005 a Junior Varsity team was added. During the 2008 season both teams broke scoring records previously set at the school. The 2008 season also had 6 All Conference team members and 1 All Region team member.

You can find these girls perfecting their skills throughout the year. They take time out of their summer and fall schedules to work with a gymnastics coach, as well as during the season. The girls also attend Victory Cheerleading Camp in the summer to polish their skills. You will find them having the most fun during the youth cheerleading stunt camps they host during the springtime.