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Photo of Kristen Albert
Kristen Albert Teacher Woodview
Work Phone: (616) 794-4757
Photo of Michael Albert
Michael Albert Teacher High School
Work Phone: 6167944921
Photo of Tamara Albert
Tamara Albert Teacher Ellis
Work Phone: (616) 794-4133
Photo of Chad Alderink
Chad Alderink Teacher Woodview
Work Phone: (616) 794-4771
No Photo Available
Jacqueline Aldrich Teacher High School
Work Phone: 6167944963
Photo of Andrea Alexander
Andrea Alexander PsychologistWoodview
Home Phone: 616-794-4725
Photo of Michelle Anderson
Michelle Anderson Teacher High School
Work Phone: (616) 794-4924
Photo of Brookelle Antonides
Brookelle Antonides Teacher Middle School/Ellis
Work Phone: 616-794-4479
Photo of Amy Austhof
Amy Austhof ISD Social Worker High School
Work Phone: (616) 794-4966
Photo of Teri Austin
Teri Austin Secretary Ellis
Work Phone: 794-4140
Photo of Brian Babbitt
Brian Babbitt Principal Ellis
Work Phone: (616) 794-4146
Photo of Debra Bach
Debra Bach Board Member – Term Expires 12/31/22 Board of Education
Photo of Carmen Barr
Carmen Barr Bus Driver Transportation
Work Phone: 616-794-4970
Photo of Joe Barron
Joe Barron Principal Middle School
Work Phone: 794-4400
Photo of Mrs. Julie Barron
Mrs. Julie Barron Woodview
Work Phone: 794-4763
Photo of Julie Beckett
Julie Beckett Secretary High School
Work Phone: (616) 794-4953
Photo of Tammy Beckwith
Tammy Beckwith Paraprofessional Woodview
Work Phone: 794-4750
Photo of Jennifer Bell
Jennifer Bell Teacher High School
Work Phone: 6167944920
Photo of Suzanne Beute
Suzanne Beute Adult Ed Teacher Orchard Hills
Work Phone: 616-794-4602
Photo of Katie Blumberg
Katie Blumberg Bus Driver Transportation
Work Phone: 616-794-4974