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Photo of Kim Walsh
Kim Walsh Teacher Middle School
Work Phone: (616) 794-4457
Photo of Kimberly Ward
Kimberly Ward Paraprofessional Middle School
Work Phone: 616-794-4750
Photo of Molly Ward
Molly Ward Teacher Middle School
Work Phone: (616) 794-4439
Photo of Jodi Watkins
Jodi Watkins Teacher Woodview
Work Phone: (616) 794-4759
Photo of Joan Weeber
Joan Weeber Executive Administrative Assistant Central Office
Work Phone: (616) 794-4701
Photo of Stacie Weitting
Stacie Weitting Teacher Ellis
Work Phone: (616) 794-4124
Photo of Heidi Wilker
Heidi Wilker Athletic Trainer High School
Work Phone: (616) 794-4964
Photo of Joel Wilker
Joel Wilker Assistant Principal Athletic Director High School
Work Phone: (616) 794-4957
Photo of Kathy Wilson
Kathy Wilson PBIS Parapro Woodview
Work Phone: 616-794-4755
Photo of Mary Wilson
Mary Wilson Counselor High School
Work Phone: (616) 794-4939
No Photo Available
Gabrielle Winright Paraprofessional Ellis
Work Phone: 616-794-4100
No Photo Available
David Witter Paraprofessional Ellis
Work Phone: 616-794-4140
Photo of Angela Wood
Angela Wood Teacher High School
Work Phone: (616) 794-4467
Photo of Bonnie Woodruff
Bonnie Woodruff Teacher Ellis
Work Phone: (616) 794-4104
Photo of Melissa Wright
Melissa Wright Teacher Ellis
Work Phone: (616) 794-4102