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Photo of Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell Teacher Woodview
Work Phone: 794-4772
Photo of Merrie Monroe
Merrie Monroe Cook Woodview
Work Phone: (616) 794-4750
No Photo Available
Alaina Moreau Teacher Middle School
Work Phone: 616-794-4460
Photo of Brent Noskey
Brent Noskey Superintendent Central Office
Work Phone: 794-4704
Photo of Christina Novak
Christina Novak Teacher High School
Work Phone: 616-794-4985
Photo of Lisa Olsen
Lisa Olsen Teacher Ellis
Work Phone: (616) 794-4121
Photo of Rachel Ort
Rachel Ort ISD Speech Therapist Ellis
Work Phone: (616) 794-4138
Photo of Michael Ostrander
Michael Ostrander Principal High School
Work Phone: (616) 794-4955
Photo of Rachel Oswald
Rachel Oswald Teacher Ellis
Work Phone: (616) 794-4135
Photo of Timothy Patrick
Timothy Patrick Teacher Middle School
Work Phone: (616) 794-4456
Photo of Jennifer Patten
Jennifer Patten Bus Driver Transportation
Work Phone: 794-4970
Photo of Beth Perry
Beth Perry Cook Woodview
Work Phone: (616) 794-4785
Photo of Heather Pugsley
Heather Pugsley Bus Driver Transportation
Work Phone: 794-4970
Photo of Lisa Redder
Lisa Redder Teacher Middle School
Work Phone: (616) 794-4491
Photo of Kari Reynolds
Kari Reynolds Teacher Woodview
Work Phone: (616) 794-4754
Photo of David Riches
David Riches Food Service – Chartwells High School
Work Phone: (616) 794-4994
Photo of Derrick Riches
Derrick Riches Technician Technology
Work Phone: (616) 794-4551
No Photo Available
Brandon Richmond Technology Coordinator Technology
Work Phone: 616-794-4552
Photo of Lary Richmond
Lary Richmond Board Member – Term Expires 12/31/20 Board of Education
Photo of Michele Richmond
Michele Richmond Teacher Ellis
Work Phone: (616) 794-4105