Mission Statement

Belding Area Schools’ Wellness Committee is committed to helping all employees live a happier, healthier life. By creating a balance of healthy lifestyle options, BAS employees should be able to experience personal growth and wellness by being a part of, or using the resources from this committee.

Belding Area Schools recognizes that good nutrition and physical activity are essential for students and staff to maximize their full academic potential, reach their physical and mental potentials and achieve lifelong health and well-being. Through the BAS Wellness Committee, we hope you can find the information needed or activities to participate in, to start enjoying a healthier lifestyle.





Walking Track
Adult Volleyball
5 on 5 Basketball
Open Gym

November Newsletter


Go Red For Women Day

go red for women


7 Salty Myths – Busted!
Fruits, Veggies and Healthy Eating

Committee Members:

Cori Anderson, Board of Education
Jennifer DiSpirito, Middle School Health and Physical Education Teacher
Bethany Shaw, Ellis Teacher
Marie Gasper, Parent
Karen Heppe, Woodview Physical Education Teacher
Angie Wood, Ellis Physical Education Teacher
Renee McNeal, High School Athletics Secretary
Tracy Nelson, Food Service Director
Tami Tefft, Transportation Secretary
Deb Wright, Middle School Counselor
Karen Youngs, Maintenance/Technology Secretary
Maria Robertson, Metron Integrated Health System – Metron of Belding
Spectrum Health