Belding Area Schools offers Alternative Education at Belding High School. Our alternative education students attend a program that is well-suited for their needs, while allowing them to get involved with student-life at Belding High School. Below are some program highlights.

• Alternative Education students are now Belding High School students who are a part of an alternative education program, allowing them access to get involved in a more traditional student-life
• 19 credit diploma (compared to 27 credits), the same diploma as every BHS student receives. Transcripts say “Belding High School – Alternative Education Program”
• Primarily e2020 online instruction
• Potential of being enrolled in electives that would break up the day and make it more enjoyable
• Heartlands program and Build-a-Home classes are strongly encouraged
• Potential to be involved in extra-curricular activities
• Participate in field trips, including visiting Heartlands and area colleges
• Being able to participate in incentive activities occasionally, like bowling and tubing
• Flexible scheduling, including half-day schedules and night class opportunities