BHS is extremely excited to announce the release of our new website Belding Bright Futures! The website has been created to assist students and parents with questions related to college applications, financial aid, scholarships, and more! Special thanks to our college advisor, Alexa Girouard, for all of her hard work in developing the site. Check it out below:



The internet offers an abundance of resources for students who want to explore colleges. Students can review college programs, entrance requirements, athletics, talk to department heads and much more by visiting these sites. Students can also find college information by visiting the guidance office. At any time a student is preparing to visit a college or apply to college, they need to have contact with a guidance counselor. The following are just a few sites with college information:

For more information regarding all things college related, click here to visit the BHS Chalkboard College Readiness page. Use this handy website to help you and your family make plans and decisions about college and/or life after Belding High School. For answers to any additional questions you may have, stop by the counseling office today!

Junior Year Countdown to College
Senior Year Countdown to College