Academic excellence at Belding Middle School is demonstrated in many ways. Our teachers work hard to design engaging lessons that are aligned to the state and national curriculum. They also collaborate to write common assessments that accurately measure each learner’s understanding of the concept.

Belding Middle School is responsive to students’ developmental needs by maintaining an orderly building where students feel respected and return that respect to the staff and to their peers.

BMS also offers many programs such as mentoring and support groups that respond to students when individual needs arise. BMS strives to make achievement possible for all students by offering many inclusion and extra learning opportunities for our students who need them while also offering programs for students that achieve at high levels.

We encourage visitors to browse our web page and see the different programs that we offer at BMS. In addition to our core classes we have a full array of encore classes that feature an award winning band program, Spanish, two high-level computer application classes, health, physical education and art. We also have many extra curricular activities for students that range from competitive athletics to Drama Club to the National Junior Honor Society. Many of these activities are featured in more detail within the BMS web page.