What is the difference between duals, tris, quads and tournaments?

A dual is any head to head match between two schools. Conference meets are generally duals. A tri meet and a quad meet involve three or four teams at the same event. Each team will wrestle two separate matches at a tri or quad. Tournaments are generally all day on Saturdays. They involve several teams and can be individual competitions or team competitions. An athlete may not wrestle more than five matches in a tournament, and no more than two matches at a dual, tri or quad.

Do students need to have wrestled before to compete?

Any student willing to try is more than welcome at any point. However, there are regulations stating a date by which the athlete must have joined in order to compete.

What is the typical practice schedule?

Practice will be held from 5:00 p.m. till 7:00 p.m. Exceptions would include but are not limited to: snow days, no school days, and mid-winter break.

What do I have to provide for my student to compete?

Every wrestler is provided with a team singlet, as well as headgear. As a parent, you must provide wrestling shoes appropriate for use on the mats. You also furnish any additional equipment, like kneepads, optional headgear, etc.

Are there any summer wrestling activities?

There are several announcements at the school involving camp opportunities, including team camps and individual opportunities. There are no required summer obligations, but involvement is recommended.