Welcome to Technology

Our Goal:
The technology department of Belding Area Schools will provide the best possible quality of technology and technology related service in the most cost-effective manner in order to facilitate the District’s mission as it applies to teaching, learning, management, and the community.

Our Role

Our role in the District is to provide technological systems, service and safety to all members of this organization.

Our Tasks

Network Tasks

We install and maintain a network which keeps all of the computers connected and sharing resources such as the Internet, data, applications, etc. Our network consists of switching equipment, data, virtual, Web, application, and e-mail servers, firewall security, Internet filtering, and e-mail spam filtering.

Desktop Tasks

We install and maintain desktop computers, laptops, and terminal service units. It is our job to make sure that our end users have the correct tools, which work properly, so that they can move forward and accomplish their educational and administrative goals.

Our Future

We also provide for the future growth of technology by looking for new opportunities to leverage new technologies which assist in the process of the delivery of instruction and administration. This is accomplished by working with the District Technology Committee, the Curriculum Department and other local and State committees.