Safety Rules

Parents: Please go over the bus rules in the transportation policy with your child so that they will know what is expected of them when they ride the bus.

Transportation Policy

Front of Bus Crossing Procedures

When students have to cross the roadway in front of the bus, they should:

1. Exit the bus and always walk to the front of the bus.
2. Be at least ten steps towards the front of the bus off to the side.
3. Wait for approved signal from the bus driver before crossing.
4. Stop at the traffic side of the bus and look left, right, and left to be sure it is safe to cross.
5. If it is safe to cross, walk across the roadway. DO NOT RUN.

What Every Driver Must Know About

Flashing School Bus Lights

 1. When overhead yellow lights are flashing – prepare to stop.
2. When overhead red lights are flashing. Stop no closer than 20 feet from the bus.
3. Proceed when red lights are turned off.

When only the yellow hazard warning lights are flashing on moving or stopped bus – proceed with caution.